Emergency Phone Number 911

Administrative Office
Phone: (313) 881-6565 
Fax: (313) 881-2622

Building Department Clerk: Tom Krolczyk 
Phone: (313) 881-6565 
Fax: (313) 881-2622

Finance Department: Rhonda Ricketts   
Phone: (313) 881-6565 
Fax: (313) 881-2622

Assessing Department: Pete Bierzynski 
Phone: (313) 881-6565 
Fax: (313) 881-2622

Public Safety - Non-Emergency 
Phone: (313) 881-5500 
Fax: (313) 640-1661

Municipal Court 
Phone: (313) 881-5503 
Fax: (313) 640-1661

Public Works Director: Brett Smith 
Phone: (313) 886-0020 
Fax: (313) 881-5417

Parks & Harbor
Phone: (313) 884-2305
Fax: (313) 881-5629

About Grosse Pointe Shores

The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, A Michigan City, is located several miles north of Detroit, Michigan.  Most of the city is located within Grosse Pointe Township in Wayne County with the small northern portion located within Macomb County‚Äôs Lake Township.

Grosse Pointe Shores is the smallest of the five Grosse Pointe communities occupying 1.1 square miles of land and 18.1 square miles of Lake St. Clair waters.  Grosse Pointe Shores has the longest shoreline of the Grosse Pointe communities, making it an especially attractive place to live.


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